‘Shape the Future’ Workshops

Design and facilitation of workshops for senior leaders and their teams. Providing tools, challenging thinking and facilitating exchanges around your key business priorities to boost innovation thinking, inspire action and drive growth.

The 8 Swarm Innovation Skills

Innovation Talent Assessment & Roadmap

Business Coaching

Coaching and mentoring of business leaders and their teams. Focusing primarily on strategic innovation, market strategy and commercial leadership.

Holistic leadership

About 10 years ago, Niall McDonagh, NRL’s founder and principal consultant, observed that the 4 underlying themes of his work with clients – market strategy, innovation, customer centricity and leadership – were increasingly interdependent, as organisations looked to drive growth and create value in a ‘VUCA’ * world.

Addressing these themes in a holistic way is more essential than ever, given the accelerating pace of change combined with the recent unprecedented global events.

Niall & the NRL associates have been working with Global 1000 organisations for more than 25 years, bringing these 4 connected themes to life through engaging and immersive experiences. We have developed the capabilities of many thousands of leaders and their teams to adapt and thrive in their constantly evolving business worlds.

* Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous

Next Steps…

We would be delighted to share our own experiences with you and explore together how we could support you in boosting innovation culture and impact in your organisation.